Here is a list of awesome public Discord servers available for you to browse:

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Discord is very similar to a social media platform but is specifically created for gamers. However, it has recently been used for a variety of reasons. Created in 2015, it has since gained over 200 million users in 3 years!


Users can each join up to 100 servers. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to join as many public discord servers  from our list above as you like. We will be adding more Discord servers shortly. If you have a server of your own, you can advertise it here to get more members into your growing community.


As a regular online gamer, the chances are that at the very least you will have heard someone mention Discord Servers. But there are still plenty of people that don’t fully understand them and what they have to offer. In brief, Discord is like Skype, but for gamers. Through Discord, players are able to communicate and coordinate strategies via private servers using either text or voice chat.


Discord is compatible with desktop (Windows or Mac) and mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and is resource light, so doesn’t clog up your device. Screen sharing is one notable absentee when using mobile versions of Discord, but you are still able to make video calls and receive screen share video from desktop users.


Reasons to Create your own Discord Server:

1.       Create your own community- Whether it’s about gaming or anything in general, creating a public server enables you to have an unlimited number of members. Simply create an invite link that never expires which has no limits in the number of uses and share this to as many people as possible.

2.      Grow your fan base- It may be that you have a large fan base on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube etc. Discord can help content creators reach closer to their fans by running giveaways, events and more on their server.

3.      Become a Discord Partner- This links in with my previous point. What are the benefits of being a partner?

·       Free access to Discord Nitro

·       Chance to get paid a lot of money

·       Receive a Discord partner hoodie

·       Given a partner logo to show on your site

·       VIP access to high performance voice servers

·       Additional server customisation features

What are the minimum requirements to become a partner?

·       Youtuber- 100,000 subscribers, 10,000 views per video & 2-3 videos uploaded a week


·       Twitch streamer- 10,000 followers, 100 live viewers, stream 4 times per week