The popularity of Discord has skyrocketed over recent times and the app has over 90 million registered users. Whether you are searching for a group for PUBG or Minecraft or just want a platform to communicate across with a small group of friends then Discord servers could well provide the answer. Once you have registered for a Discord account, you can either run Discord via the app or your preferred web browser, but the app has far more options for customization and the one running the server should certainly use the app.

Why not use Skype instead?

This really does depend on what you are looking to do. If you only need to chat with a small group while gaming, then Skype and Discord will both be fine. But, should you want to alter individual people’s mic levels via the app and benefit from lower latency voice chat (useful when people are grouped together from different parts of the world) then Discord has Skype on toast. In addition, if your friends are all playing different games, but you wish to stay in touch then you are able to open up a separate voice chat channel while retaining the text chat option.

Incredible for larger groups

It is really when you are getting together with larger groups that Discord comes into its own. For instance, when you put together a server on Discord you can make distinct channels with varying permission levels for different users. This is great for popular servers to prevent clutter and overload. In addition, there are automated admin and mod tools to help keep everything in check even without a human mod. In groups of hundreds, thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of users this sort of moderation is absolutely necessary.

An option for streamers

Streaming gaming sessions on Twitch or YouTube is really gaining popularity year on year, defying the critics. If you have such a channel, Discord can help you manage your options. It offers your viewers more flexibility than a chat window on Twitch, or the comments box on YouTube. Discord has a ‘streamer mode’ which intelligently hides invite codes, tags and other personal info while streaming. In addition you can synch Discord with YouTube or Twitch accounts to set up subscriber only channels along with a range of other special options.