Pokemon Go is a new game that was firstly released in some countries like Australia and has now been released nearly all the way round the world, including America, Europe and many more countries/continents. The game was created by a company called Niantic and is said to be the best game ever to be created with an estimate of around 100 million downloads after only a few weeks and the game has not been released in every single country in the world!

The game is aimed to make players physically have to travel and walk around catching pokemon, taking over gyms and also visiting pokestops. At the start of the game, the players choose their avatar and customise their avatar to how they want it to look like. When the players first log in, after choosing their nickname, they have a choice of what starter pokemon they want to start with. These pokemon include Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. However, some pokemon trainers have found a glitch on how to get pickachu as a starting pokemon. Watch this video to find out how- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lwJOFtdJig

After players decide which starter pokemon they want, they then have to go into the real world and look for pokemon, which will show on the game’s map. To catch a pokemon, players have to flick the pokeball at the pokemon and aim to land the pokeball in the green circle where the pokemon is. The smaller the circle is, the more chance that the pokemon is caught and the more xp the player gets. When players catch pokemon and visit pokestops, they get xp, which can level up their character. Players also get stardust when they catch a pokemon. Stardust can be used to level up a pokemon, but be careful on which pokemon you use your stardust on and when you use your stardust! Furthermore, it will also cost some candies as well as the stardust to level up pokemon. (Candies are explained further on.)

Pokestops can give players more pokeballs, revives, super potions, potions to heal their pokemon, rasberries (if the player is level 8 or above), great balls (if the player is level 12 or above), ultra balls if the player is level 20 or above and also master balls if the player is level 30 or above. Pokestops finally can give out eggs to players. Eggs are a huge key to players been able to complete their pokedex, as there are different types of eggs. There are 2km, 5km and 10km eggs. Players have to walk that distance to hatch each egg and the more they have to walk to hatch an egg, the more chance they have of getting a better pokemon and the more candies they will get. Candies are used in the game to evolve pokemon. So the players have to get a certain amount of candies for each pokemon to be able to evolve it, e.g. to evovle a pidgy u need 12 pidgy candies. When a player catches a pokemon, they receive 3 candies but they can also transfer that pokemon for an extra candy.

Once they reach level 5, players can go to a gym and choose which team they would like to be on. The choices are Red, Blue and Yellow. The higher level players are, the higher cp (combat power) the pokemon they can catch in the wild are, which means they can catch better and stronger pokemon at a higher level. However it takes more and more xp to level up at each level. When players reach level 5 and have strong enough pokemon, they can battle gyms that are a different colour team to them. If they defeat that gym, then they can claim that gym theirs. To do this all what players have to do is to put one of their pokemon into that gym. Players can then claim their 10 pokecoins for taking over that gym. If the gym is still theirs after 21 hours, then they can claim another 10 pokecoins. Certain pokemon are especially good at attacking gyms or defending gyms and some are very good at both, including the top 10 pokemon in pokemon go. Players can use these pokecoins to buy more pokeballs, incenses which draw more pokemon to their location for 30 minutes, lucky eggs which give the player double xp for 30 minutes, lures which can be placed on pokestops and also draw more pokemon to their location for 30 minutes and also an egg incubator. They can also spend their pokecoins on a bag upgrade and a pokemon storage upgrade. This upgrades the players maximum amount of storage by 50 each time.