These are my top 10 best rocket league wheels. Also, you can buy cheap Rocket League Wheels here in any type of paint:BUY & SELL ROCKET LEAGUE WHEELS HERE!

With Pysonix constantly adding new and awesome wheels to the game, some of your favourite wheels may not be featured on this top 10 list.

Top 10  Best Rocket League Wheels
      1. Cristiano- The Cristiano wheels are my favourite wheels by far! They fit well with most colours as they are mainly all black. In my opinion, I prefer the Cristiano wheels on the Octane and on the Octane ZSR, which are both one of the best cars in Rocket League.
      2. Season 3 Champion Wheels- The Season 3 Champion wheels were only available from the season 3 rewards if you were able to reach the Champion rank in any competitive game modes.
      3. Season 3 Star Wheels- The Season 3 Star wheels were also only available if you reached the rising star rank in any of the different ranked game modes.
      4. FSL- The FSL wheels look amazing with the black and red colours and the fire in the middle. In my opinion, they can fit with most cars and car colours.
      5. Pulsus- The Pulsus wheels are blue wheels that flashes going round the middle of the wheel. Pulsus wheels fit well with bright cars and with the blue car only. You can change it so you can only have the Pulsus wheels on the blue car only and not the orange car.

    1. Chakram- The Chakram wheels are very rare and are bright red wheels that fit perfect with the orange car.
    2. Voltaic- The Voltaic wheels are blue wheels with small bits of lightning in the centre of the wheel.
    3. Lobo- The Lobo wheels are similar to the Voltaic but in red and without the lighting. I personally like to use the Lobo wheels for the orange car and the Voltaic wheels for the blue car.
    4. Looper- The Looper wheels are blue flashing wheels that fit perfect with any blue coloured car.
    5. Finally, the Roulette wheels just fit into my top 10 as the Gold/orange colour looks fantastic on most orange cars.